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Mount Care

You have taken the time and money to have that memorable hunt preserved by having your trophy mounted, now you need to take care of it so it will last a life time. Everyone assumes the mount has been preserved for life but that is not really the case, only the skin has been treated with a tan solution. There are all kinds of insects that love to eat hair follicles, horns, leather, etc. There are dermestid (insects), Moths that will go after your trophy if not maintained by you. Before the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) stop the tanneries from using strong toxic chemicals it was not as much a problem but now they are not aloud to use toxic chemical in there tanning like Arsenic. So here are some basic things you need do to keep your mount clean and safe.

To clean the eyes use a Q-tip and Windex. To clean the hair you can use a furniture polish like Pledge and a clean white wash cloth. Spray a little on the cloth and start at the head and go toward the rear, NEVER brush against the grain of the hair. For the horns/antlers I use a product called Liquid gold you can also find this in the furniture polish section of your favorite store, just apply to a clean cloth and wipe on, it will go on shiny but when it is dry will look natural.

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